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In today's complex financial world, you are inundated with information about financial products and services. Our role is to help you identify and obtain specific financial goals and objectives.


Many people will offer you advice on which mutual funds to buy or investments to make. But there's more to your financial life than your RRSP. Estate taxes, income taxes and education funds for your children are just some of the other complex aspects of your total financial picture. You need an advisor to help you develop an effective financial plan.

Financial Planning

Estate Planning

Income Protection

An estate plan is a road map for planning your estate and should be updated on an ongoing basis - particularly as your circumstances change  throughout your life. A good estate plan ensures a simple, tax efficient and organized transfer of your assets to your loved ones.

Everyone who enjoys good health, hopes that it will last for a long lifetime, but it doesn't always turn out that way, sometimes life throws us a curve.  Injuries, illness, and death can dramatically change your life, your future and your family's  lifestyle.